My abduction story started late One evening on my journey home.I had been out hoping to meet up with some One to ask some advice about my chopper, I waited till late but the person did not come in the pub that night so I made my way home, that's when my world was turned upside down.I turned off at the roundabout heading now for Haworth. I come to a railway crossing.I noticed Red lights in the sky thinking they was the barrier lights I stopped at the area were the barrier was waiting for the train to pass.Then I was mesmerised in light, I looked around thinking there was a large wagon behind me, I looked all around me there was nothing there.I found myself floating  in the air., the next thing I knew I was sat laid back in some kind of chair / that turned in to a sort of medical bed.there was tall white bald human like but very odd looking.The room was dimly lit.The next thing a device come down and placed a sort of tube down my throat and a helmet was placed on my head.The next thing I was elevated up in to what seemed to be a sort of arena.there seemed to be hundreds of people like me elevated looking down on the arena. we was given information through the helmet it seemed to be like some kind of training for weapons and battle skills.

I remembered this darkened room with the  strange chair with the tube and helmet along with the tall white bald humans at a later time again I was on my motorbike when I remembered this.