Lynn Murphy


My name is Lynn Murphy, I live in Flintshire, North Wales.  This is just a little write up to tell you a little bit of myself.  I have a grownup family and grandchildren and I’m very proud of all of them.

I have always been open to the paranormal happenings throughout my life and was aware that I was an empath and I also have other abilities.

I have been involved with Paranormal Groups and have made some very good lifelong friends through this. 

I also have a love of history and I have studied my local history of Wepre Park. This started off as a hobby but then it became a serious interest.   I have held ghost hunting events at the Park, I have also done history talks and ghost tales at the Parks castle which is Ewloe Castle.  I help with the annual halloween event at Wepre Park where we incorporate all the parks historic folk lore and have turned this into a walk around where the children can hear the ghostly stories from the characters of the folklore, the parents love it and this event has got bigger each year and very successful.


I also have witnessed some UFO’s over the years but I am only just coming to terms with the fact that the things I have witnessed are extremely amazing.


My first encounter.

November 1978.  I was living in my first home in New St, Connah’s Quay, I was on my own at the time and I had a new baby, he was about 6 weeks old, I also had another little boy who was 16 months old.

One night I went to bed and got woken up about 1.30am in the morning by something, I didn’t know what it was but there was a vibration in the room.  So I went through to my toddlers' room and I looked through the window to see if I could see what was making the vibration.  I looked out over the railway line onto scrub land which was derelict.  There was no train and could not see anything over on the scrub land.

 I felt very unsafe in the house, so I picked up my toddler and put him into bed with me and I then picked up my 6-week-old baby in my other arm in my bed.  I could feel energies throughout the house, I closed my eyes and I could then feel these energies in my bedroom and I didn’t know what it was.  My heart was pounding and I closed my eyes.  This lasted for about 10 minutes before the energies left the house but I then felt this vibration hovering over the house and it felt like it was large.  I stayed in bed and held my babies close.  It was then no more and I am still baffled to this day to what it was.







Second encounter.

It was 1996 and a Wednesday night and I had waited up for my husband to come home from his darts night at the pub.  He came through the door at 11.15pm and told me to go outside with him as he wanted to show me something that was in the street.  I went out with him and stood by the gate, I was looking up and down the road but couldn’t see anything.  The weather was cold, I was cold and I asked him what I am supposed to be looking at as there wasn’t anything there.  He told me to look up, which I did and there was a giant black triangle above the road.  It must have been about 80 feet up in the sky.  It had lights on each corner which were a creamy white colour, dimly lit.  In the middle of it underneath it had another light which was bigger than the other lights, the colour of this was like an orangey opal colour.  My husband said look a UFO.  I asked him if he thought it could be an air balloon but it couldn’t have been.  It was the size of a few football fields.

It never made a noise, no vibration coming from it, it just went over us, up the street, over to the top of the school field.  It stayed there for a minute or two then swiveled around and flew off towards the River Dee at a very fast rate.

I ran into the house and went into my son’s bedroom to see where it had gone and I could see that it was over the Estuary of the River Dee.  It then flew towards Cheshire.

My husband and I discussed what we had seen.  The next morning when I discussed it again with my husband he denied seeing it.  I think he didn’t want the embarrassment or ridicule from his mates.  Yet it was him that had dragged me out into the cold night to see what was above our street because he couldn’t believe his eyes.


Third encounter.

It was 25th April 2011 and I had gone camping with my Ex to a campsite called Cardigan Caravan and camping site, Aelybryn, Penparc Road, SA43 1QY, which was just outside Cardigan in Wales.  I wanted to stay until Thursday 28th April and go home that day because I wanted to watch Prince Williams wedding to Kate the next day at home on TV.  The campsite was a well-established and had just had a new shower and toilet bloc built ready for the new camping season.

On our second day there, Tuesday 26th April the one other camper who was there in their camper van had decided to go home and we had the campsite to ourselves.  About 2.30am on the morning of the 27th April 2011 I was woken up by the sound of screaming sheep, I couldn’t understand why the sheep were screaming so loudly and why were they screaming like they were being hurt.   I lay there listening, trying to make sense of this horrific noise that was coming from the field at the end of the campsite field.

I then needed to go to the loo but didn’t want to walk on my own in the dark down 2 fields to the toilet block because I was getting quite frightened by the sound of the screaming sheep.   My husband was fast asleep, and I couldn’t wake him up so I waited until I couldn’t hold myself anymore.

 I went outside of the tent and quickly had a wee behind our windbreak.  The sheep were still screaming but it was getting less and less.  After doing my wee I was drawn to the end of the camping field.  I stupidly walked over to try and work oIt ut where the screaming was coming from.  I stepped up the small embankment and looked over the hedge but couldn’t see any sheep.  The screaming became less.  I looked over to the other side of the valley and saw a very unusual shape of lights.  It must have been about 2 to 3 miles inland from where I was on the other side of the valley, I cannot verify the distance for certain as it was very dark so couldn’t give an exact mileage.

 I can only describe the unusual shape as that of a horse shoe shape, open side down.  It had 9 giant, slow pulsating white lights, set in the shape, when the light was large it was white, it then slowly pulsated to a small red light.  I then looked around to see whether there was any farm or anyone projecting this light from the ground, there wasn’t any.  There wasn’t anyone in cars anywhere. 

My eyes then caught sight of a large red light which was coming in from the north east, which was to the left of the giant horseshoe shaped object.   I stood there wondering what it could be.  It passed the TV mast which was on some big hill to my left, about 10 miles away, this red light then moved towards this horseshoe shape.  The noise of the sheep got quieter and quieter.  The most unusual thing then happened; the red light placed itself on the left of the horseshoe shape, it then waited for 6 or 7 seconds, it shuddered then it turned into another horseshoe shape.   It then shrank itself and started to pulsate itself from red to white, exactly the same as the horseshoe shape was doing, it synchronised itself and then grew into another horseshoe shape.

 So I’m looking at two of them, I then start to get really frightened as I am starting to realise that I am witnessing something extremely unusual.  I thought by then I was seeing a UFO.  After about ten seconds the second shape then moved back and slid itself behind the first shape.

I then turned around and ran back to the tent, I have never ran so fast, it was almost like everything was in slow motion and I couldn’t get back to the tent quick enough.  I zipped the tent closed, got back into bed with my husband and covered myself up.

Needless to say I didn’t sleep that night, my husband didn’t even know that I had gone out of the tent because he was fast asleep.

I cannot understand what it was I witnessed but I knew that I was allowed to watch this special event.  Makes me wonder if I didn’t get back to the tent as quick as I did, what would have happened to me.


Fourth Encounter.


It was 3pm at the end of September 2014, it was cold, the sky was clear with no clouds in the sky.   I was going to get some of my belongings out of a flat that I was moving out of and my eldest son said he would help me because some of my belongings were too heavy for me to carry on my own. 

When we began our journey along the coast road from Connah’s Quay towards Holywell where my old flat was, we noticed a silver object hovering in the sky.


We drove down to Flint by the Rugby ground right opposite the Castle on the river Dee to get a better look at the object in the sky.  We just dumped the car and ran down to the end of the platform and stood there a few minutes and watched this silver ball stuck in the sky.  The object was hovering 200 to 300 feet above the River Dee at the end of the estuary near to the peninsula of the Wirral before it just disappeared.


We tried to figure out what it was and what it was not.   We just didn’t know what it could be, it was a silver sphere,  I saw this object as a silver ball, my son described it as a crescent and he thought it could have been the moon but the moon doesn’t have right angles and edges on it and it was definitely metallic and you wouldn’t see the moon in the north west sky.  


The silver object could not have been any more than 2 and a half miles away from where we were standing.  My son was ex forces so was quite good at vehicle recognition, he said that the size of it from where we were watching it made it about 20 metres in length, crescent shaped and at an angle.  Jason could see the angles on the top end of it.  It was on a 60-degree angle.  There was no sound from it, no flashing lights.  It then just disappeared, we did not see it move away, it just disappeared in an instant.


This wasn’t the first time that my son has seen strange objects in that area, he used to live in Flint and he often saw planes coming in ready to land at the nearby John Lennon airport in Speke, Liverpool which was on the other side of the Wirral at the other end of the river Mersey.  They would circle before taking their approach to the airport to land. 

One night he saw 4 red lights drop down to the Dee estuary and cross over the river Dee, this wasn’t an aeroplane and it wasn’t a helicopter as you can hear a helicopter from quite a few miles away coming in, they are very recognisable.