I have come across some lies from a wannabee about me stealing information and i don't know what else about the Berwyn mountains case , this is to do with a ufo investigator in the same incident. The lady is Mrs Fry.
I met Margaret Mrs Fry in the late 90's at her home with friends. we always had great times talking about ufo's and the Berwyn mountains incident. She wrote to me a number of times over the years , so only things i have are privet letters to me and a photo copy of a picture I was told never give this information to any one including the picture. I never have or will.
Mr's Fry asked me if I would like to take part in a documentary talking about MY research ,we both started on the project. we was ready to start filming but now I was living an extra 80 miles away and no transport, i was making plans to travel across to Wales when I was told Mr's Fry was not available to film. we was all ready to start filming when my mother was taken ill and ended up on life support in Hull royal infirmary. I spent the next 12 months traveling to hospital looking after her.
I still have the contract I was Chief consultant Mrs Fry part time consultant.
She knows a lot about the Berwyn mountains incident.
This is Two different incidents and Two different cases.