Berwyn Mountains UFO crash

Did the unthinkable happen on that day

Are we at war with an Alien race ?



My name is Russ Kellett, I have been investigating the Berwym Mountains ufo crash incident for thirty year. I come across the story about the Berwyn mountains some years before I become a ufo investigator when I was looking through a magazine called F.S.R. It was when I had become a ufo investigator and looking in to a ufo incident again in North Wales in 1995 I had my attention drawn to the area around the Berwyn mountains. A year later I was invited over to North Wales to Investigate a crashed flying saucer near the side of a road next to the craft was five what looked like aliens Two looked like they was injured.This was witnessed by a group of men on there way home from a meeting on the night of the famous Berwyn mountains incident.



Above a  piece of  metal part of the Alien craft destroyed I was given many years ago. I was also given a piece of metal from a jet fighter / harrier destroyed by a alien craft on the night of the incident. 

Above is the reverce side of the piece of  metal part of the Alien craft destroyed by a jet fighter on the night of the incident. 


The pictures above is of a Harrier jump jet engine turbine blade , was a jet fighter brought down on the night of the  Berwyn mountains incident ? 




Over the years I have met up with a number of witnesses who saw strange lights and even ufo's  in the sky and  a number of people  saw strange light on the mountains, there was a number of witnesses who heard strange explosions they told me that the explosions were man made. I have taken many witness statements over the years most have never changed over the passage of time. 

Even after many years researching this one incident  I am still investigating  the incident.