Lead investigator  Berwyn mountains crash landings


From my research in to an amazing story I was given by a group of gentlemen that was on there way home from a meeting they all had been at. As the men was travelling down the road they come across some thing amazing , you could say out of this world. The driver was told to pull over , some of the men got out of the car . The seen a landed craft in the field , a flying saucer. standing in front of them a small  what looked like a small human in with what looked like a grey pilots flying suite with what the witness an ex soldier called a  belt kit like a sam brown  with an holster and what looked like a weapon, they was other people that had come out of the craft four with Two been helped like they had been injured and been helped to the side of the road. No sooner as this had happen minuets they was surrounded by the army.


At this point  a soldier come over to the men and told them to leave the area , than asked who owned the car , one of the men told the soldier that it was his. The soldier told them again leave now , there was a little  to the oldest gentleman as he was not happy but he got in to the passengers seat and they drove off.

The oldest man now told the youngest member of the group who was driving to pull over  he did to, the men got out and watched in amazement at  what happened next, a group of soldiers escorted the five occupants of the small flying saucer in to a truck, another group of soldiers had ran over to the craft , were the smallest of the group of soldiers seemed to get in the side of the craft , know the rest of the men seemed to guide it out of the field  and on to the back of a small transporter vehicle, it was like they had performed this task /  manoeuvred a craft like this before. 


I was told the a member of the group had his photographic equipment in the boot of the car, i have not yet been able to confirm this fact.  


The men now  continued on there juorny home , a night they would never forget , and the start of there own recearch in to there own close encounter.