Welcome to my New web-site , set up by myself Russell Kellett AKA Russ Kellett.

I have been a UFO & Alien abduction  investigator for thirty years.I have appeared in a number of ufo documentary's over the years on the BBC & ITV Granada as well as Bravo TV as well as cable channels.I have also been a guest on many radio shows such as the BBC ,Talk sport radio, Talk radio. as well as independent radio stations also a number of internet radio stations. I have worked closely with local and national radio stations as well as international stations also.I have worked with local national and international newspapers over the years and have always had good publicity, sharing information on local ufo reports as well as national and international reports as well as the Alien  abduction reports while sticking to my strict code of witness confidentiality policy. 


I have striven to maintain a rigours standard of scientific detachment to the investigation of UFO's and related phenomena and can call on the services of several experts in a number of different fields:photographic experts in image enhancement , soil and  plant analysis and forensic analysis etc.They work alongside myself and my team as such expertise is beyond my competence.My approach to this phenomena is a scientific One in principle, you could say that its a nuts and bolts approach.I have a motto which is truth through scientific investigations, but One should not rule out the possibility of extraterrestrial life existing in this solar system,even visiting our own planet.After all main stream science does not have all the answers.   


over the years I have networked with many UFO  groups and  investigators , giving out UFO reports and information on the UFO & Alien abduction subject. I have given out information in the past even when it as not been mutual.       



As an abductee I fond it very hard to communicate with other people that had not gone through the same experience as my self , I was looking out in hope to find people that had gone through the same kind of experience as myself., I would spend many years looking for some One who had gone through the same as myself , To this very day I am still searching.    


My abduction story as been censored over the years. I have spent years promoting other peoples story's and information about there abductions putting other people first, that as stopped know its my turn.My truth before other peoples BS.   


I spent a number of years out on sky watches videoing UFOs most were alien craft, there were different types of craft from Ball like craft to flying triangles flying saucers box like craft even torpedo like craft . 




If  you would like to report a UFO or a alien encounter / abduction.contact us at the contact us page.   


If you would like to add your  UFO  video footage  you can send it to my e - mail address russellkellett1@gmail.com 

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